Evolving Sound - Razor

George Bromley

Dark electronic Trailer Music

out for industry early access

now on Evolving Sound


Brace for impact as Trailer Music label Evolving Sound drop their new album Razor, packed to the brim with new-wave modern cues based around cutting-dge electronic elements and Sound Design, and featuring Bromley's track System Shock, co-written with Justin Crosby.

Built around a series of gritty signatures in the form of huge synthesized stabs and sirens, System Shock packs punchy trailer elements with detailed sound design perfect for intense trailers packed with suspense. Including multiple trailer-friendly edit points and interludes designed to be used over fight scenes.

Trailer editors can contact info@evolvginsound.com to enquire about rates and access to their catalogue of high-end trailer music, or for details about bespoke work.


Stream on Spotify here.