Electronic Dance Music

Known within the world of Drum & bass for his technical variety and musical touch, Spekski has roamed through a variety of genres, both inside and outside of the world of EDM. An experienced writer of Classical and Film Music with numerous performances by highly regarded ensembles, including the Vienna Synchron Orchestra, JACK String Quartet, New Thread Saxophone Quartet, Sound Icon, Mivos Quartet and JRNCM Symphony Orchestra, this comes across in both his original music and DJ Sets, influenced by the drama, textures and narrative arc of Classical Music.


Currently dual majoring in Classical Composition and Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music, Spekski is heavily involved in the field of music for media. Having worked on music for TV pilots, Movies, Trailers and Commercials, working with names including The Upbeats and Joe Ford in this field, he works to combine production skills with orchestral writing, creating vivid hybrid scores. This is starting to spill over into his Drum & Bass, experimenting with incorporating orchestral sounds into heavy Neurofunk and Techstep to create a unique audio experience.


For bookings contact: contact@spekski.com